naturaPET AG. We turn enthusiasm into Swiss quality.

Our aspirations are simple, yet sophisticated: we want to produce the best food for dogs and cats. Our tried and tested recipe: we use only high-quality ingredients, which we carefully process. We produce high-quality pet food under the brand names naturaDOG and naturaCAT.

Factory in Thurgau
Our factory in Switzerland provides the best prerequisite for our aspirations. In our plant in Frauenfeld, state-of-the-art technology meets artisanry . In compliance with the rules of the fine art of manufacture, we produce food that by far exceeds the legal standards for pet food. In addition, our work carries the non-statutory “Bio Bud” and “FSSC” labels (FSSC being a food safety certification).

Therefore you can rest assured that by choosing naturaPET, you are also choosing the most species-appropriate diet for your four-legged friend that is currently available on the market.

Our quality standards are much stricter than the law
Our standards by far exceed the legal requirements