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Our BIO SUISSE certified products

Sustainability is important to us. Therefore, a number of our food varieties are produced in compliance with the demanding guidelines of the BIO SUISSE bud. These standards include sustainable production and the ethical treatment of livestock. One of the prerequisites is housing the animals in spacious stables with regular access to open-air grazing and a natural diet.

By purchasing certified products, you will give your four-legged friend a treat, while supporting this initiative for the benefit of the livestock.

Product overview

Wet food

Chicken with potato terrine

Ingredients: Chicken meat* and carcasses*, water, potatoes*, carrots*, apples*, cottage cheese*, animal protein*, sunflower oil*, salt (0.13%), vinegar*.


  • 200 g
  • 400 g

Raw food

Chicken sausage BIO SUISSE

Ingredients: Chicken meat 75%*, carcasses 25%*.


  • 500 g

*of organic Swiss origin.

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