A healthy diet is just as important as tender loving care.

You won’t find a more loyal companion than a dog. However, a species-appropriate diet is just as important as tender loving care and a warm basket. A natural diet lays the foundation for your four-legged friend to lead a long and healthy life.

naturaPet makes it very easy for you to feed your dog a natural and healthy diet. Please see below for an overview of our product range:

Wet food

Beef and rice terrine
Beef and vegetable chunks
Beef tripe and vegetable terrine
Chicken and rice terrine
Chicken and vegetable chunks
Rabbit and vegetable terrine
Horse and vegetable terrine
Chicken and potato terrine

Raw food (BARF)

Beef sausage
Beef rumen tripe sausage
Beef/rumen tripe sausage
Beef/heart sausage
Beef/heart/udder sausage
Beef liver sausage
Beef omasum tripe sausage
Beef offal mix with potato
Beef dripping chunks
Beef heart ½
Beef rumen tripe
Beef oxtail
Veal breastbone
Veal shoulder blade
Veal joint bone
Lamb sausage
Chicken sausage
Chicken sausage mix
Chicken necks
Chicken heart
Chicken carcass
Chicken sausage BIO SUISSE
Turkey necks
Turkey sausage mix
Horse sausage
Rabbit sausage mix
Salmon sausage
Vegetable & fruit sausage

Raw food (BARF) menu

BARF menu

BARF menu



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